Deep Eddy Dry Martini | Deep Eddy Vodka

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Deep Eddy Vodka

Deep Eddy Dry Martini

Time To Make

2 Mins







2 oz Deep Eddy Original Vodka
.5 oz Dry Vermouth
3 Green Olives


Fill martini glass with ice to chill. Stir Deep Eddy Original Vodka on ice in a mixing glass for approximately 15-20 seconds. Discard ice from the martini glass and add splash of dry vermouth. Swirl glass with vermouth then discard. Strain vodka into martini glass and garnish with olives.

Made With Deep Eddy Original Vodka

Deep Eddy Original Vodka

Our original vodka is made in small batches from the highest-quality corn. We distill 10 times in our state-of-the-art column still creating a cleaner, smoother vodka. Deep Eddy is then filtered gently over charcoal 4 times, ensuring our subtle smooth flavor remains in the finished spirit. We then finish the product using only the finest Texas water, which is about as perfect as water gets! Because we are made from 100% corn, all Deep Eddy Vodkas are naturally gluten free.