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Texas Madras

{“vibe”: “Day Drinking”, “color”: “#d3bc8d”, “steps”: “Combine all ingredients and serve over ice.
rnGarnish with fresh mint leaves.”, “serves”: “1”, “difficulty”: “Easy”, “ingredients”: “2 oz Deep Eddy Orange Vodka
rn3 oz Cranberry Juice
rn1 oz Club Soda
rnFresh Mint Leaves”, “time_to_make”: “2 Mins”}

Deep Shandy

{“vibe”: “”, “color”: “#0095c8”, “steps”: “Add Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka to a pint glass
rnand top with your favorite wheat beer.
rnGarnish with a lemon wedge.”, “serves”: “1”, “difficulty”: “Easy”, “ingredients”: “1 oz Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka
rn12 oz Wheat Beer
rnLemon wedge”, “time_to_make”: “1 Min”}

The ship is rockin’ into the weekend! Follow the #DiveInTour to #Maverickfesttx and #TampaBayBluesFestival


Goodnight world #DiveInTour


What flavor are you drinking today? @veroconqueso


We’re festival ready, are you? #MixWithMusic


Perfect pairings: Vodka + Vegas | Punk rock + bowling @punkrockbowling




Shaken, not stirred #DiveInTour : @mirandamcdonald, @neonthink


Sea Breeze

{“vibe”:”Brunch”,”color”:”#00C1D5″,”steps”:”Combine all ingredients and serve over ice.rnGarnish with a lime wheel.”,”serves”:”1″,”difficulty”:”Easy”,”ingredients”:”2 oz Deep Eddy Cranberry Vodkarn4 oz Grapefruit JuicernLime Wheel”,”time_to_make”:”1 Min”}